Welcome to Locust Tech Inc.

Are you looking for someone to help you build an online solution? Do you have a site with all the information you need, but you don't want to go through hundreds or thousands of pages to collect it all? Let us solve your problems, or scrape your data, or build that system! We're a boutique software development shop, focusing on mobile and web applications. We like to think we will understand your needs and deliver what you require with less cost and within a shorter timeline than most groups.

We're good at what we do. Take a look at some of the sites we created using our data collection robots. Please reach out to us using the Contact page.
And thank you for your time.

What Technology Do You Use?

Short answer: Most of them. Long answer: we build our robots using Perl (or ActivePerl for Windows systems if required). PHP is our favorite web development language, although we are .NET folks too. Of course, we use HTML, Javascript, Python, and a bunch of other tools and frameworks. On the backend, we like MS SQL, Oracle, and mySQL.

A Little About Us

We're a group of software developers - web, mobile, embedded systems. We want the flying cars we were promised fifty years ago. It's about time.