Sample Sites

Site Description Our Ebay robots worked diligently for a number of years, collecting information on Ebay's Power Sellers. See what categories were hottest (and when) and who was the biggest Power Seller of them all! For a while, we were infactuated with FourSquare, the mobile app. We checked in everywhere we went. Then we started collecting data on who else was checking in. We counted countries, mayorships, and more! We built this for a US government challenge at The site uses data collected from the CDC automatically. We included a Twitter engine, maps, and other cool features. We built this iOS medication adherence app as part of a contest at using the CarePass APIs. Still being used today (but could use some updating...). This is another site submission for a contest. A helpful iOS utility app that creates an image that contains your personal contact information and In Case Of Emergency (ICE) information. This image can be used as the device Lock Screen. In the event that your device is lost, it is easy to tell to whom to return the device without unlocking it. Also, in the unfortunat event that the user is incapacitated, the device's Lock Screen can display helpful health information such as Blood Type and Allergies.